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Golden Nuggets 

I cant speak for anyone else but im faced daily with problems, issues, disappointments, and frustrations often rooted in situations with other people. People from everywhere and all walks. Its so easy to try and point fingers when things dont go the way we planned or if we feel we may have been wronged.

However, im convinced that most of those problems, issues, disappointments, and frustrations will cease if we start dealing with them inwardly. Yes, people can be difficult, but they have nothing to do with our response to them. We, as an individual, are responsible for we say, do, think, and believe so only you decide how you respond to EVERYTHING.

Im determined to better myself daily and because I deal with people daily I wont make excuses for myself anymore. If I can change my perspective and view every situation from a positive standpoint then my hope is the problems I face with “people” will become less and less. MY Directive: Remember what mama said, ” when you point a finger at someone elseyou have four pointing back at you.” So always start from within and take responsibility for you. 

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